Multiple Stories: Sound Piece for Collective Narrative

For this assignment, I wanted to try to tell the story of a non-human subject, my sister’s dog Flo, and through that, tell a larger story about their neighborhood. My sister moved to Bedstuy, where, as a white person, she is in the minority. She is a gentrifier. Because of that, she has a strange relationship with her neighborhood; she has befriended her neighbors, who have welcomed enthusiastically her to the block, but she is also aware of her status as a new person in a place where many have lived for a while and as a white, well-off young person—and what all of that means in a place that is in the process of gentrifying. The dog, Flo, ridiculously friendly towards strangers, has helped her negotiate all of that.

The story is split into two parts: recordings from a walk with Flo and an interview with my sister. Obviously missing from the five-minute piece, though, are the voices of her neighbors (I recorded a walk in a snowstorm, which emptied out an otherwise lively and friendly block).

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