More Mapping Tools

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 1.38.54 PM

This week, we had to explore two different mapping tools: Mapbox Studio and QGIS. The custom map is above and also on my github page. I ended up mapping Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), which are collectives of local businesses that take an active role in maintaining and improving their neighborhoods. I got the data from NYC Open Data. After making this, I looked through the gallery of custom maps on Mapbox Studio, and it seems like it’s a super flexible tool that I hope to revisit.


For the QGIS assignment, I took cues from the reading from How To Lie With Maps, choosing the politically charged territory of Israel and Palestine. I isolated and abstracted the territory, leaving the surrounding areas empty except for very lightly drawn roads. Unlike the maps in the reading, though, doesn’t have a clear propaganda message (which is good because my own feelings on the topic are complicated).

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