City Reliquary Interview

Last week I interviewed Dave Herman, the founder and director of the City Reliquary, a small museum in Williamsburg dedicated to New York City artifacts. I had been there on a field trip in a class last spring, and I loved the weird objects and the stories that they told. I was also interested in the many communities that intersect around the CR—pre-gentrified Brooklyn, tourists, collectors, etc.

Here’s my drawing of Dave (I admit that I did a horrible job drawing in-person and asked if I could take a picture to draw from later, which is what’s here):


Dave spoke to me for a while about starting his first NYC collection, some objects in the museum, community, and other topics. I’ve condensed the interview into snippets:


1. Collecting tickets

2. First objects in City Reliquary museum

3. Objects in display context

4. New York City geology

5.Old crusty cake

6. City Reliquary community


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